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The Infralink programme has been led by infrastructure experts, the Scottish Futures Trust. If you need help or guidance with the Infralink Toolkit or have any queries about the programme, we’d be pleased to help.

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Sarah Eynon
Project Director


Sarah was a commercial lawyer for over 10 years before applying her management, problem solving and stakeholder engagement skills to digital infrastructure. Having previously focused on broadband deployment, she now leads the Infralink programme, harnessing the collective knowledge on 5G to deliver projects that accelerate the deployment and application of 5G in Scotland.

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David Cairns
Delivery Manager


David is a real estate professional and former director of a UK-wide support services supplier to mobile industry. His career spans rollout of the very first mobile phone mast in Scotland to the latest 4G and 5G network sites. He brings that knowledge and experience to the Infralink programme which is taking a national approach to mobile connectivity.

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