The Toolkit

Infralink offers a credible option to current practice by establishing tools that are balanced and transparent and work at a national level. The tools build off existing operating leases, valuations, case-law and data, so that they work in the real world. The Infralink team will review the tools on an annual basis so that they remain up-to-date and best practice.

Useful Links

Infralink and a number of other UK bodies have put together some useful material that will help you in your engagements and knowledge about mobile connectivity. 

Glasgow Telecom Infrastructure
A dedicated unit to support investment and progress deployment of digital infrastructure (including mobile) throughout Glasgow.

Mobile UK – All about 5G

A useful ‘one-stop shop’ setting out what is 5G, how does it work, what at are the benefits of 5G and addressing some of the common health concerns. 

Ofcom Mobile Phone Health and EMF Emissions Report (2020)
Ofcom published the updated results of EMF exposure measurements at locations near 5G-enabled mobile phone base stations across the UK.

Scotland 5G Centre
Accelerating the deployment and adoption of 5G in Scotland, enabling businesses to benefit from enhanced mobility, flexibility and reliability.

Shared Rural Network
The Shared Rural Network programme will address the digital divide by improving 4G coverage in the areas that need it most.

Delivery Partners