A Helping Hand with Mobile Connectivity

It’s recognised that improving mobile digital connectivity across Scotland will benefit everyone, but engaging with the mobile industry and getting internal agreement on where digital infrastructure should and can go, is a complicated process requiring a partnership between public bodies, mobile network operators and the community.

To help public bodies address the problem, the Infralink team have created  tools and pulled together best practise from their own experience of working with local authorities and the mobile industry and from across the UK.

This is all set out in the Infralink Playbook or ‘how-to’ guide creating a distinct, three-step pathway to help public bodies understand the actions they need to undertake to successfully deliver improved connectivity in their area. By making the process of engagement with a public sector body, and siting and operating mobile network equipment easier and faster, this puts Scotland in the best position for attracting investment in digital connectivity for its diverse communities.

The Infralink Playbook three-step pathway is shown below.